Mr. Parvez F. Rustomji

    “WHO QUESTIONS MUCH, SHALL LEARN MUCH AND RETAIN MUCH.” (FRANCIS BACON) As educationists, it is our responsibility to teach the young generation how to think rather than what to think. It is important that we encourage them to question the age old norms

    Mr. M. L. Shukla

    Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.” (Christine Gregoire) The purpose of education is not simply to acquire degrees. It is to mould the impressionable minds of our young generation in the right direction.

    Ms. Vanita Mehrotra

    Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” (John F Kennedy) Training in leadership is an integral part of the education system for the world needs more leaders than followers. We aim at making each child a leader, who is able to manage and control situations

    Ms. Alka Mali

    It is immensely gratifying to be a part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the school. The year just flew passed showcasing our magnum opus the elaborate celebrations that took place around the year. Our school has a spirit of its own which binds each one of us as one big family.

    “If everyone is moving forward together, with co-operation then success takes care of itself.”
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