Secretary Message

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.” (Christine Gregoire)

The purpose of education is not simply to acquire degrees. It is to mould the impressionable minds of our young generation in the right direction.

Our children are the future citizens of tomorrow. They have the power to take our country to great heights of success. Hence, it is essential that we train them to overcome their personal inhibitions and prejudices and unite as an indomitable force. Only then can we visualise a society that is free from corruption, intolerance and conflicts.

I urge you all to assist us in our endeavours in raising a smart, intelligent, morally sound generation. Over the last innumerable years of my association with Sheiling House School, I have seen a bond of trust and relationship strengthen between parents, teachers and the Management. Let us keep working together to fortify this unique bond. We are a team and our mission is to promote quality education amongst the masses.

I extend my felicitations to the team spirit shown in yet another publication of ‘Glimpses’.

Mr. M. L. Shukla
(Secretary & Treasurer)