Chairman's Message


As educationists, it is our responsibility to teach the young generation how to think rather than what to think. It is important that we encourage them to question the age old norms and hence become rational thinkers. Feeding them on obsolete ideas and concepts is not going to lead to any novelty of thoughts. At SHS we aim to bring forth a self reliant, intelligent generation of youngsters. We implement innovative ideas in our teaching curriculum which makes classroom experience both interesting and enjoyable. Advance pedagogy enhances the learning performance of our students and equips them with the right tools to improve their lives and society. It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge that over a period of 60 year, our school has scaled great heights of excellence in the field of education.

I hope that our school will continue to be a beacon of light for the years to come. My heartiest congratulations to all the Sheilingites for their commendable efforts in spreading the glory of our school at the National and International level. ‘Glimpses’ is an example of our students’ efforts. It showcases their literary ingenuity. I applaud the team and its efforts in bringing forth yet another edition.

Mr. Parvez F. Rustomji