General Rules


By discipline, we mean to develop three major aspects of our students' personalities.

  • To make each and every student responsible and self-reliant.
  • To transform an egoistic individual into a loving and lovable social being.
  • To make our students conscious and aware of their roles in society.


  • Strict regularity and punctuality, implicit obedience, courtesy in word and deed, cleanliness of dress and person, proper care of books, and school property are expected from each pupil. Pupils and parents must strictly conform to the instructions, rules, and regulations laid down in this regard.
  • Damage done to the school property must be made good. Fines may be imposed by the Principal for breach of discipline or rules and regulations or loss of and damage to school property.
  • The wearing of the school uniform is obligatory. Wearing jewelry or bringing expensive articles or money to the school is strictly prohibited and the school will not be responsible for their loss.
  • Pupils are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behavior outside. Any report of objectionable conduct on the part of a pupil will make him/her liable to disciplinary action.
  • Presents to the members of the staff are not allowed in any form.
  • Buying sweets, chat, ice cream, etc. from hawkers on the street outside the school premises is strictly forbidden.
  • No pupil suffering from any contagious or infectious disease shall be permitted to attend school till he/she brings a Medical Certificate of fitness.
  • Irregular attendance, constant negligence of work, insubordination to teachers, habitual inattentiveness in class, obscenity in word or deed, wilful and repeated breach of the school regulations severally or collectively, will lead a pupil to serious punishment or expulsion.
  • Scribbling on the walls, desks, and boards, as well as tearing of pages from exercise books or school diary is punishable.
  • Every student, when called upon to attend extra classes or to take part in other activities of the school must compulsorily participate.