Admission and Withdrawal


  • Admission is open to all irrespective of class, creed and community.
  • Admission is ordinarily given to children of age 3 years - 3 years 11 months to play group as on 1st April of the year of admission.
  • A child's name will not be registered for admission unless the following information is provided by the parent :-
    a. The birth registration certificate in ORIGINAL should be submitted for verification. No change in date of birth will be permitted later under any circumstances
    b. The latest progress report must be submitted, if the child has been attending any recognized school.
    c. After the above requirements are completed to the entire satisfaction of the Principal, the child's name will be registered for the session ON THE WAITING LIST for the class applied for by the parent on payment of Rs.1500/- as Prospectus fee.
    d. The Prospectus fee of Rs. 1500/- per child is neither refundable nor transferable.
  • The registration of a child's name on the waiting list does not carry any guarantee of admission
  • Admission for all classes is subject to vacancies in that particular class.
  • Admission will be granted at the sole discretion of the school authorities.
  • The school rules are subject to change at the discretion of the school authorities. The admission of a child will mean a complete acceptance by the parent/guardian of all school rules as in force or as amended from time to time.
  • Before the child is accepted for admission, a Transfer Certificate from his previous school, if he has attended one, must be submitted to the school.
  • The school reserves the right to refuse admission/re-admission without assigning any reason.
  • Admission to Class XI would be on merit and the Principal reserves the right of admission. The school has a highly trained staff. Our main aim is to develop an integrated personality and an individual who is able to think for himself/herself. Our priority is to teach children of different faiths not only to study together, but to play together and thus grow together.


  • A clear calendar month's notice in writing, or a term's fee in lieu of notice, should be given before a pupil can be withdrawn.
  • The Principal can, in the interest of the school, have a student removed from the school for the following reasons :-
    a. Where, in her opinion, the student has failed to conform to the discipline of the school and his/her continued presence may be detrimental to the interest of other students.
    b. Where the student fails to come up to the required academic standard expected of him/her. This would be in the interest of the student so that he/she may join a school more suitable to him/her.

Mode Of Payment

  • All payments should be made /paid as per the instructions in the bill book.
  • Fees will be charged for twelve months a year, payable for every three months before the last day of the first month of the quarter. Fees for the whole quarter is payable in case a student is withdrawn in mid-term.
  • The dates for the payment of fees will be as follows :-
    Dates for the Payment Payable by
    1st Quarter : 1st April – 30th June upto 30th April
    2nd Quarter : 1st July – 30th Sept. upto 31st July
    3rd Quarter : 1st Oct. – 31st Dec. upto 31st Oct.
    4th Quarter :1st Jan. – 31st March upto 31st Jan.

    In case of non-payment of prescribed fees within the time fixed above, a fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged per week for the late payment of fees to the maximum of four weeks. If the fees remains unpaid beyond four weeks, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls and the student may be re-admitted at the discretion of the Principal on payment of all arrears and fresh admission fee of Rs. 1,000/-.
  • The date of presentation of the cheques/drafts/cash will be treated as date of payment provided the cheque is not dishonored.
  • If any collection charges are levied, the same would be payable by the parent/guardian.
  • Any cheques returned by the Bank will be treated under the category of nonpayment of fees and the returning charges as charged by the bank will be payable by the parents.
  • A clear calendar month's notice in writing or a term's fee in lieu of notice must be given before a pupil can be withdrawn. However, if the student is asked by the school to leave, no notice fee for a month is required. No claim of refund will be entertained for fees already paid under clause (2) above.
  • Transfer Certificate on withdrawal is issued only after all dues to the school have been cleared.
  • No reduction in any fees will be made for continued absence on any ground.
  • Duplicate Transfer Certificates are not issued.