Progress Reports
  • Parents are kept informed of the academic achievements of their children through detailed progress reports for tests and term examinations. The final report sent out at the end of the academic year indicates the average grade obtained by the student in each subject in the course of the year.
  • Parents are requested to bear in mind that these periodic reports are based on the assessment made by the staff, of a student's attainment and attitude, and that it is not the intention of the school authorities to make pronouncements on the character and ability of children.
  • (a) Should a child fail to qualify for promotion for two consecutive years he will be required to be withdrawn from the school.
    (b) Disciplinary action will be taken against any child who is found to have used unfair means in the periodic tests and Annual Examination. Should the child concerned, continue the offence, he/she will be required to be withdrawn.
    (c) Any boy or girl who becomes two years above the average age of the class on account of his/her not qualifying for promotion, shall be asked to be withdrawn from the school.
    (d) No appeals by the parents for undeserving promotion will be entertained.